Proud Mary

Madison Gate Records 12/01/2018 Descarga
Película Estreno de película: 2018


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# Pista   Duración
1.Not Part of the Plan1:25
2.The Walter Hit1:13
3.Teach Somebody Some Manners1:09
4.I'm Mary3:39
5.An Unsanctioned Kill1:44
6.The Family Meeting1:34
7.Uncle's Office1:46
8.Give Them Walter3:37
9.Five Hundred Short1:33
10.One Rule1:40
11.Don't Go Anywhere0:56
12.Danny's Memories1:59
13.The Torture Room2:55
14.Tom Mourns2:02
15.That Money Is Your Freedom1:04
16.Secret Room1:16
17.Attempt on Benny1:15
18.Preparing for the Raid1:14
19.Danny at the River2:45
20.Raid on the Kozlov Compound3:42
22.Danny and Mary's Theme (End Title)1:49
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