Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Complete Motion Picture Score

Bootleg 2003 Descarga
Película Estreno de película: 2003


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# Pista   Duración
1.Fog Bound5:35
2.Smitten Will1:02
3.Captain Jack Sparrow1:39
4.Corset Problems0:23
5.No Real Ship1:02
6.Liz Falls / Medallion Calls1:47
7.Jack’s Escape2:35
8.Breaking the Chains0:41
9.Swordfight (Part 1)1:31
10.Swordfight (Part 2)2:43
11.The Dog Is Never Going to Move0:21
12.Black Pearl Arrives1:00
13.Sacking the Village (Part 1)3:51
14.Liz Hides0:52
15.Sacking the Village (Part 2)1:24
16.You Know Nothing of Hell / Liz Meets Barbossa4:22
17.Boarding the Dauntless1:36
18.Commandeering the Interceptor2:25
19.Under the Command of a Pirate0:23
20.Pirate’s Musk0:49
21.I’m Going after the Black Pearl1:59
22.The Captain’s Table0:41
23.Story of the Medallion3:08
24.Moonlight Serenade1:24
25.You Best Start Believin’1:13
26.We’re Catching up1:27
27.Time to Go Poppett1:53
28.Jack’s Legend1:32
29.The Grotto0:58
30.Blood Ritual4:00
31.Curse is Still upon Us2:29
32.Not More Pirates / Keep to the Code0:47
34.Will Bandages Liz’s Hand1:40
35.Ship to Ship Chase4:11
36.Ship to Ship Battle3:53
37.Will Trapped1:31
38.Elizabeth Walks the Plank2:44
39.Welcome to the Caribbean0:12
40.A Ship is Freedom1:20
41.Bootstrap Bill1:14
42.Nothing I’d Lament Being Rid of0:45
43.Jack Row to the Pirate Cave1:03
44.Cuz It Was Mr. Sparrow Who Said It1:03
45.Until the Opportune Moment0:50
46.Underwater March1:11
# Pista   Duración
1.Pirates Attack (Part 1)6:38
2.Pirates Attack (Part 2)2:34
3.Bloody Pirates2:49
4.Curse Reversed3:17
5.Will Saves Jack1:08
6.Happy Ending4:55
7.End Titles2:26
8.Pirates of the Caribbean Theme (Original Demo)5:29
9.Jack Sparrow Cello Theme0:33
10.Pirates, Day One,4:56
11.Jack’s Escape (Alternate)2:34
12.Black Pearl Arrives (Alternate)0:57
13.Sacking the Village (Part 1) (Alternate)3:51
14.Sacking the Village (Part 2) (Alternate)0:32
15.You Know Nothing of Hell / Liz Meets Barbossa (Alternate)0:14
16.I’m Going after the Black Pearl (Alternate I)0:17
17.I’m Going after the Black Pearl (Alternate II)0:25
18.We’re Catching up (Alternate)1:27
19.Blood Ritual (Alternate)4:06
20.Ship to Ship Battle (Alternate)3:56
21.Elizabeth Walks the Plank (Alternate)2:47
22.A Ship is Freedom (Alternate)1:19
23.Underwater March (Alternate)1:11
24.Pirates Attack (Part 1) (Alternate)1:15
25.Pirates Attack (Part 2) (Alternate I)2:34
26.Pirates Attack (Part 2) (Alternate II)2:36
27.Pirates Attack (Part 2) (Alternate III)2:30
28.Bloody Pirates (Alternate)2:49
29.Will Saves Jack (Alternate)1:11
30.Happy Ending (Alternate)4:59
31.End Titles (Alternate)1:32
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