Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Complete Motion Picture Score

Bootleg 2006 Descarga
Película Estreno de película: 2006


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# Pista   Duración
1.Main Titles-Wedding Crashers 
2.Wedding Crashers Part 2 
3.For Whom the Bell Tolls-Jack & the Dead 
4.Jack the Monkey 
5.‘…That Way, Direction..’ 
6.Jack In His Cabin 
7.Drunk Jack: Bootstraps Tale-The Black Spot 
8.Elizabeth Behind Bars-The Search for Jack 
9.The Pearl on the Beach-Will Is Captured & Dinner Is Served 
10.‘Save, Me’ 
11.Cannibal Ceremony: The Bone Cages-Escape from Cannibal Island 
12.Up The River: Tia Dalma-An Undead Monkey for a Jar of Dirt 
13.A Wrecked Ship 
14.The Dutchman Appears-Jones and Sparrow Negotiate & Betrayal 
15.Ghostly Appearence 
16.Norrington Looking for Revenge-Brawl in the Pub (SFX) 
17.Norrington Looking for Revenge-Brawl in the Pub (Alternate) 
18.A Game of Liar’s Dice-Stealing the Key and Escaping 
19.The Turner’s Reunite 
20.The Kraken Hammer 
21.The Kraken Attacks the Edinburgh Trader 
22.No Survivors-Set Sail for Isla Cruces 
24.The Search for Dead Man’s Chest-Will Appears 
25.Three-way Swordfight: Wheel of Fortune-Fight over the Chest 
26.The Flying Dutchman Is Back 
27.The Dutchman Chases the Pearl-The Sea Monster Returns (SFX) 
28.Chained to the Pearl: ‘Hello, Beastie’-‘So, Tell Me, What’s Become of My Ship’ 
29.End Titles 
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