Animals United

Perseverance Records (0827034004527)
Película | Fecha de estreno: 24/01/2012 | Estreno de película: 2010 | Medio: CD
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# Pista   Duración
1.Animal Paradise1:54
2.Golfing With Caca1:35
3.Billy The Scatter Brain1:08
4.Drumming For Water2:33
5.Russian Ship0:30
6.Oil Spill0:40
7.The Fire0:40
8.Toby Meets Smiley1:35
9.Charles For Lunch0:15
10.Charles Escapes Being Dinner0:43
11.The Plan0:41
12.Tree Of Life2:19
13.Charles Lays Out His Plan1:04
14.Billy Walks0:19
15.Waterhole Standoff3:01
16.The Rhinos Approach Billy0:17
17.No Water2:15
18.Billy and Socrates1:08
19.Valley Of Death1:01
20.Billy Walks Through the Valley of Death0:45
21.The Panther Chases Billy1:19
22.The Animals Meet Up0:42
23.Socrates Tells His Story3:13
24.The Dam1:37
25.Dam Water0:34
26.Ice Water0:26
28.Billy Gets Chased By Hunter1:47
29.Billy Slides Through the Water Tube0:29
30.TV Groove0:46
31.Dam Floods Gates1:38
32.Hunter in Car1:17
33.Water Shortage3:18
34.Let's Find Angie1:04
35.Charlie Talks With Angie0:30
36.The Great Horn0:28
37.Conference in Two Hours0:34
38.Tales Of The Humans5:46
39.Animals March1:02
40.The Black Panther0:52
41.It's Showtime2:16
42.Animals Untied Part 13:36
43.Animals United Part 21:47
45.Dam Break0:52
46.Animals In New York2:19
Bonus Tracks
47.The Animals Drum Down Wall1:23
48.The Fire Band0:36
49.Monkey Jazz0:33
50.Animals Techno1:15
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Product Description
David Newman

Our second album with David Newman, this animated feature follows in the footsteps of classics such as his 'Anastasia' and 'Ice Age'. In style similar to Newman's 'The Air Up There', this score features sweeping melodies, battling drums and an African choir. The album contains the complete orchestral score and is different from the previous European release inasmuch as it doesn't have the songs by Naturally 7 and Xavier Nadoo. Produced by David Newman and Robin Esterhammer.

Available only to buyers in North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Our license does not allow us to ship to European customers. Sorry.





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