Champions of Anteria

Ubisoft Music 30/08/2016 Descarga


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.The Siren Song of HomeJeff Broadbent2:06
2.So That Was the Welcome They HadJeff Broadbent2:57
3.It Started Small, Like These Things DoDynamedion3:37
4.Picturesque Burn-Out Ruins and Bleached SkeletonsDynamedion3:43
5....But Times Change...Dynamedion3:45
6.Oh, and More BanditsJeff Broadbent2:59
7.One Ray of HopeDynamedion3:34
8.Anslem Remembered This PlaceDynamedion3:34
9.Far from LifelessJeff Broadbent3:00
10.And Maybe Help with the Bandits..?Dynamedion3:34
11.More Bad Guys Beaten...Dynamedion3:08
12.Come for the Troll-Infested MountainsJeff Broadbent3:06
13.They Had a Right to a PartyDynamedion3:12
14.No One's UnstoppableJeff Broadbent2:58
15.Looking for a Just CauseDynamedion2:58
16.The Desert Is Eternal and I'm Its Queen!Jeff Broadbent3:06
17.She Could Hit a Fly in the UnmentionablesDynamedion2:30
18.Let Them Eat Rocks!Jeff Broadbent3:06
19.Calling Down the Lightning with His Huge HammerDynamedion2:32
20.They Never Had Time for WarJeff Broadbent3:06
21.Graceful, Deadly, BeautifulDynamedion2:43
22.This Armour Will Protect Me!Jeff Broadbent3:02
23.She Can Mix a Concoction!Dynamedion2:36
24.At Least, That's What He Told UsDynamedion2:32
25.The 'Terrible-Vengeance-On-Those-Who-Cross-Me' Sort!Jeff Broadbent3:01
26.The Social Skills of a Rampaging TrollDynamedion2:47
27.*Evil Laughter* and *Screaming*Jeff Broadbent3:08
28.A Job Well Done... Hero Pose!Jeff Broadbent1:46
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