John Kander: Hidden Treasures, 1950-2015

Harbinger (0832433310520)
Musical | Fecha de estreno: 13/11/2015 | Medio: CD


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.I Love Music (From "Wait for Me, World")John Kander & Fred Ebb3:11
2.JanieJohn Kander1:58
3.Excerpt from "Requiem for Georgie"Robert Mesrobian, Ray Pitt & John Kander3:57
4.Dance with Me (From "Steel Pier")John Kander1:52
5.There's a Room in My House (From "a Family Affair")Elena Shaddow, John Riddle, David Loud & John Kander2:31
6.My Coloring Book (Live)John Kander2:33
7.Happy New YearJohn Kander & Fred Ebb4:02
8.A Simple Thing Like That (From "Folden Gate")John Kander & Fred Ebb5:05
9.The Kid Herself (From "Flora, The Red Menace")John Kander & Fred Ebb4:02
10.A Quiet Thing (From "Flora, The Red Menace") (Live)John Kander2:51
11.So What? (From "Cabaret")John Kander & Fred Ebb3:06
12.Guten Abend (From "Cabaret")John Kander & Fred Ebb3:07
13.It'll All Blow Over (From "Cabaret")John Kander & Fred Ebb4:01
14.Cabaret (From "Cabaret")John Kander & Fred Ebb3:51
15.In His Own Good Time (From "the Happy Time")John Kander & Fred Ebb3:15
16.Among My Yesterdays (From "the Happy Time")John Kander3:15
17.Getting Younger Every YearJohn Kander & Fred Ebb3:37
18.If You Leave Me NowJohn Kander & Fred Ebb2:18
19.I Have a FriendJohn Kander & Fred Ebb4:01
20.Look ThereJohn Kander & Fred Ebb3:18
21.Only Love (From "Zorba")Anita Gillette, David Loud & John Kander2:15
22.Seven O'ClockJohn Kander & Fred Ebb3:14
23.Coffee in a Cardboard Cup (From "70, Girls, 70")John Kander & Fred Ebb3:08
24.You Old BastardsJohn Kander & Fred Ebb2:13
# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Wait for Me, World (From "Wait for Me, World")John Kander & Fred Ebb4:06
2.Isn't This Better? (From "and the World Goes 'Round")John Kander3:10
3.Roxie (From "Chicago") (Live)John Kander & Fred Ebb4:34
4.Window Panes of RoseJohn Kander2:02
5.ItJohn Kander & Fred Ebb3:31
6.Good Thing GoingJohn Kander & Fred Ebb4:10
7.Theme (From "New York, New York") (Original Version)John Kander & Fred Ebb2:15
8.Theme (From "New York, New York") (Final Version)John Kander & Fred Ebb2:58
9.I Get My Music from My Dad (Live)John Kander & Michael Winther1:55
10.Summer with YouJohn Kander & Brent Barrett3:26
11.The Man About TownJohn Kander & Fred Ebb3:02
12.Not Enough Magic (From "the Rink")John Kander & Fred Ebb4:48
13.Man OverboardJohn Kander & Fred Ebb3:02
14.Never YouJohn Kander & Fred Ebb2:25
15.Nobody's FaultKaren Ziémba, David Loud & John Kander4:12
16.The Wheel (From "All About Us")Clarke Peters, Jim Laev & John Kander2:56
17.He Always Comes to Me (From "All About Us")John Kander & Linda Marie Emond2:48
18.Nice People (From "All About Us")Jim Newman, Jim Laev & John Kander3:11
19.Military Man (From "All About Us")David Standish, Michael McCormick, Jim Laev & John Kander3:32
20.The Skin of Our Teeth (From "All About Us")John Kander & Brent Barrett2:55
21.You Know MeAlix Korey, Barbara Walsh & John Kander2:44
22.Look UpJulia Murney, Paul Anthony Stewart, Paul Masse & John Kander1:53
23.You, If Anyone (From "Kid Victory")Lewis Cleale, Greg Pierce & John Kander2:47
24.People Like Us (From "Kid Victory")John Kander & Greg Pierce1:42
25.Yes (Live)John Kander & Fred Ebb3:57
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Considered one of Broadways most important composers in the post 1950s era, and still active today nearing 90 years old, John Kander is responsible for the music to such acclaimed shows as Cabaret, Chicago, and Kiss of the Spider Woman to name just a few. This extraordinary 2-CD set spans 55 years of his compositions along with rare demos included featuring Kander with his longtime lyricist Fred Ebb and new recordings of some of his classic songs. Including a deluxe lavishly illustrated 64 page booklet with extensive notes and comments on the songs by Kander. A milestone in musical theatre music releases

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