Merchant Ivory Productions Twenty-Fifth Anniversary 1962 - 1987

RCA Victor (0007863566582)
Película | Fecha de lanzamiento: 1988 | Medio: CD


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
CD 1
1.Title MusicBobby Short2:48
Jane Austin in Manhattan
2.Scene and Finale from 'Sir Charles Grandison'9:50
3.Full Time LoverArmelia McQueen3:07
4.Blues for H.J.2:48
5.Black King Foxtrot3:01
Bombay Talkie
6.Typewriter Tip Tip5:32
The Europeans
7.Theme from Andante of Trio, opus 173:31
8.Old Folks Quadrilles3:27
9.Beautiful River2:08
The Bostonians
10.Summer Days of Mormion2:31
11.The Bostonians2:52
A Room with a View
12.O mio bobbino caroLeontyne Price2:25
13.The Embankment2:22
15.Clive and Anne2:00
16.End Titles3:27
# Pista   Duración
CD 2
The Householder
1.Opening Titles1:42
2.Prem's Lament3:22
3.Farewell to Ernest1:58
Shakespeare Wallah
4.Opening Titles3:05
5.Manjula's Procession1:16
6.In the Mist3:31
7.The Makeup Room2:08
8.Lizzie Sails to England2:20
The Courtesans of Bombay
9.Gormie Hasrate (Ghazal)3:23
10.Nazzara Jamal Se /Kahe Rokat6:20
Mahatma and the Mad Boy
11.Improvisations on Andante from Winter from The Four Seasons2:17
12.Bikaner Concert12:48
13.Title Music1:38
Heat and Dust
14.Anne in the Bazaar/Olivia writes Home3:11
15.Bliss of Mind/The Dust Storm3:51
16.End Titles3:56
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