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Película | Fecha de estreno: 13/11/2015 | Medio: Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.Boys and the Sea: Part One 1:35
2.Boys and the Sea: part two2:03
3.Dance at the Stadium2:59
4.Waltz  (From 'The Long Day')3:28
5.My Younger Brother1:43
6.The Last Romantic5:41
7.Evening Café1:38
8.Summer Blues2:28
9.All This Jazz4:29
10.A La Invenzia2:44
11.Don't Be Sad2:46
12.Waltz (From 'The Last Thief')3:11
13.Unfinished Recording2:39
14.Russian Ragtime2:26
16.You Have Such Eyes4:12
17.Goodbye Boys!2:20
18.On Tsvetochnaya Street3:03
19.A Moment2:04
20.Prelude for Ket3:27
22.Couple in a Café4:18
23.Expectation of the New Year1:12
24.Snow over Leningrad2:45
25.No One's Home2:18
26.Along My Street for Many Years2:48
27.What Is Happening to Me?2:26
28.I Like1:33
29.Aria for a Moscow Guest1:52
30.I Asked the Ash Tree3:35
31.I Asked the Mirror1:36
32.The Third Stroitelnaya Street1:53
34.The Last Waltz1:44
35.I Love2:56
36.Morning Clouds0:53
37.Moscow Morning2:04
38.Moscow Morning (Variation)2:49
39.Morning in the Mountains4:07
40.Prelude for Cello and Piano2:20
42.I Am Writing to You by Accident2:33
43.On the Scout2:13
44.Over the Fields the Twilight Is Indistinct1:57
45.Your Voice2:58
46.Accordion Waltz2:52
47.It Happens2:52
48.Until Tomorrow2:43
49.Don't Be Sad (Variation)2:49
50.I Am a Tree3:15
51.Goodbye Boys! (Variation)2:08
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