Kenner / More Than a Miracle

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Película | Fecha de estreno: 08/04/2011 | Estreno de película: 1969 | Medio: CD
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# Pista   Duración
Disc One - Kenner (1969)
1.Theme from Kenner (Main Title)1:42
2.Bombay/A Boy and His Cricket1:11
3.Saji Meets Kenner1:17
5.Kenner Shake1:38
6.At the Seamen's Club2:05
7.At the Seamen's Club - Part Two0:52
8.Saji Remembers His Father1:43
9.Drugged/Ambush/Kenner Pursues Saji3:35
10.Saji Refuses the New Shoes/Truth About Saji's Father Revealed/Saji Escapes3:18
11.Night Ambush and Escape2:03
12.Saji and Anasuya Visit Injured Kenner/Conversation/Kenner's Nightmare2:40
13.Kenner Wakes Up and Remembers/Nocturne3:26
14.Unused Jazz/Anasuya Comes Back Home/A New Day for Kenner1:17
16.A Beautiful Day2:58
17.Happiness (Reprise)0:30
18.Love Scene5:14
19.Chase and Death of Anasuya2:01
20.Anasuya'a Ashes0:37
21.Remembering Anasuya1:13
22.Shanghai Café2:00
23.Hot Pursuit4:39
24.Kenner and Saji Reunited (Finale)/End Title2:56
Bonus Tracks
25.Love Theme (Introduction)0:23
26.Indian Music (Sitar)0:26
27.Love Theme1:43
28.Kenner Shake (long version)2:47
29.Chase and Death of Anasuya (alternate version)1:59
30.At the Seamen's Club (alternate version)2:05
31.At the Seamen's Club (alternate mix)0:51
32.Love Theme1:02
# Pista   Duración
Disc Two - More Than a Miracle (1967) - The Soundtrack Album
1."More Than a Miracle"2:03
2.Prince Rodrigo2:03
3.Brother Joseph1:52
4.Isabella and Rodrigo2:25
5.Rodrigo Leaves the Monastery1:51
6.The Chef1:55
7.Isabella in the Barrel5:00
8.Isabella and Rodrigo in the Pantry2:07
9.The Tournament2:08
10.The Eggs are Bewitched1:52
11.The Contest1:11
12.Brother Joseph Comforts Isabella1:46
13.End Title "More Than a Miracle"5:17
Disc Two - More Than a Miracle (1967) - The Film Score (part 1)
14.Main Titles (Prince Rodrigo Theme)2:02
15.Rodrigo Lost in the Cornfields/Rodrigo Sees Brother Joseph, the Flying Monk3:56
16.Rodrigo Leaves the Monastery2:43
17.Rodrigo and Isabella's First Meeting4:27
18.Rodrigo Rides a Horse/A New Love's Birth2:26
19.Rodrigo Courts Isabella1:43
20.Isabella's Sadness/In the Witches' Realm2:34
21.Spanish Soldiers' Arrival/Prince Rodrigo's Cavalcade Arrives/First Kiss/Isabella's Revelation and Punishment6:45
22.Prince Rodrigo Returns to the Castle/Isabella Locked Up in a Barrel/The Barrel Ends Up in the Sea/Isabella Wakes Up3:52
23.The Tournament/Prince Rodrigo's Victory4:00
24.The Chef/The Eggs are Bewitched/The Castle2:20
25.The Seven Princesses/The Chef (Part 2)1:20
26.Birth of the Chicks/The Chef (Part 3)/Invasion of the Chicks3:35
27.Isabella Sees Prince Rodrigo's Portrait/Prince Rodrigo Searches for Brother Joseph/Brother Joseph's Funeral3:37
28.Prince Rodrigo Returns to the Palace1:57
# Pista   Duración
Disc Three - The Film Score (part 2)
1.Prince Rodrigo Finds Isabella/The Kiss4:17
2.The Seven Princesses/The Dishwashing Contest/Isabella Loses the Contest/Despaired Isabella Escapes5:42
3.Brother Joseph Appears to Isabella on the Beach/Brother Joseph Conforts Isabella2:34
4.Folk Dance (In the Caste Gardens)1:22
5.Isabella Discovers the Trick/The Truth Revealed/Isabella, the New Princess/Love Triumphs and Finale6:13
Bonus Tracks
6.Prince Rodrigo Theme2:59
7.Brother Joseph, the Flying Monk (alternate)1:52
8.Isabella and Rodrigo (Love Theme)2:19
9.Isabella and Rodrigo (Love Theme)1:09
10.Rodrigo Rides a Horse (alternates)2:25
11.Prince Rodrigo Courts Isabella (alternate)1:16
12.The Seven Princesses1:05
13.Brother Joseph, the Flying Monk0:51
14.Invasion of the Chicks1:06
15.Prince Rodrigo Theme1:04
16.Prince Rodrigo Theme (wild)1:06
17.Prince Rodrigo Theme1:09
18.Prince Rodrigo Theme1:04
19.Isabella and Rodrigo (Love Theme)2:03
20.Brother Joseph, the Flying Monk2:36
21.Isabella and Rodrigo (Love Theme)0:52
22.Prince Rodrigo Theme1:10
23.Prince Rodrigo Theme0:53
24.Invasion of the Chicks (alternate)1:06
25.Birth of the Chicks1:37
26.The Witches1:04
27.Prince Rodrigo Theme1:49
28.Prince Rodrigo Theme2:23
29.Prince Rodrigo Theme2:12
30.Prince Rodrigo Theme2:14
31.Prince Rodrigo Theme1:21
32.Prince Rodrigo Theme0:50
33.Prince Rodrigo Theme1:13
34.Prince Rodrigo Theme1:13
35.Prince Rodrigo Theme0:51
36.Prince Rodrigo Theme/Love Theme1:50
37.Prince Rodrigo Theme/Love Theme1:52
38.Isabella and Rodrigo (Love Theme)2:03
39.Prince Rodrigo Theme1:51
40.Prince Rodrigo Theme1:52
41.Prince Rodrigo Theme (Main Title)2:05
42.1967 Recording Session1:42
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