The Gift Of The Magi / The Last Leaf

Harbinger Records (0632433170922)
Musical | Fecha de estreno: 18/04/2002 | Medio: CD, Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.The Gift Of The Magi: Overture / Opening Song3:30
2.The Gift Of The Magi: Tomorrow Is Christmas1:46
3.The Gift Of The Magi: Now I've Got You!1:29
4.The Gift Of The Magi: Jim And The Queen Of Sheba0:38
5.The Gift Of The Magi: If We Had Money3:10
6.The Gift Of The Magi: Look At My Watch3:23
7.The Gift Of The Magi: What Can I Give Him?4:07
8.The Gift Of The Magi: I Shall Let My Hair Down / Madame Sofronie2:39
9.The Gift Of The Magi: Entre Scene / Della Returns1:36
10.The Gift Of The Magi: Your Hair Is Gone2:00
11.The Gift Of The Magi: Jim And Della Open Their Gifts / By The Way / Finale3:06
12.The Last Leaf: Overture1:45
13.The Last Leaf: What's She Like5:04
14.The Last Leaf: Let's Drink A Toast!3:05
15.The Last Leaf: I Want To Paint The Bay Of Naples4:02
16.The Last Leaf: The Last Leaf4:46
17.The Last Leaf: Tomorrow When You're Feeling Well Again2:05
18.The Last Leaf: Come In To My Humble Abode1:54
19.The Last Leaf: I'm A Failure In Art3:45
20.The Last Leaf: Listen To The Wind4:05
21.The Last Leaf: How The Wind Howled3:05
22.The Last Leaf: The Last Leaf Finale1:19
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