Bar Mitzvah Boy
Original London Cast 1978

Musical | Fecha de lanzamiento: 1978 | Medio: CD


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# Pista   Duración
2.What Harm Can It Do? 
4.If Only A Little Bit Sticks 
5.Bar Mitzvah Of Eliot Green, The 
6.This Time Tomorrow 
7.Thou Shalt Not 
8.Harolds Of This World, The 
9.We've Done Alright 
11.You Wouldn't Be You 
12.Bar Mitzvah, The 
13.Rita's Request 
14.Where Is The Music Coming From 
15.Maurice Caplan Of Hampstead Gardens 
16.Victor's Request 
17.If Only A Little Bit Sticks (reprise) 
18.Sun Shines Out Of Your Eyes, The 
19.Sun Shines Out Of Your Eyes, The (reprise) 
20.I've Just Begun 
21.We've Done Alright (reprise) 
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Opened at Her Majesty's Theatre, October 31, 1978.
Eliot Green is an English-Jewish boy on the verge of passing the biggest event in his young life: his bar mitzvah. This should be a joyous moment, but given the tension, tumult, and general craziness surrounding this sacred ritual, who wouldn't be tempted to just run away from it all? And that's exactly what Eliot does in this sweet, painfully human tale adapted by Jack Rosenthal from his prize-winning television play

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