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One Touch Of Venus

Musical | Fecha de estreno: 13/05/2014 | Medio: CD


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# Pista   Duración
2.New Art Is True Art 
3.One Touch Of Venus 
4.Venus Awakening 
5.Curtain Music Scene One 
6.How Much I Love You 
7.Venus Entrance 1 
8.Mrs. Moats Falls 
9.I m a Stranger Here Myself 
10.Forty Minutes For Lunch Ballet 
11.Incidental Music 
12.West Wind 
13.Way Out West In Jersey 
14.Way Out West In Jersey Encore 
15.That s How I Am Sick Of Love 
16.One Touch Of Venus Reprise 
17.Venus Entrance 2 
18.Foolish Heart 
19.Foolish Heart Dance 
20.The Trouble With Women 
21.Gloria Disappears 
22.Speak Low 
23.Artist s Ball 
24.Doctor Crippen 
25.Entr acte 
26.Very, Very, Very 
27.Very, Very, Very Encore 
28.Speak Low Reprise 
29.Catch Hatch 
30.That s Him 
31.Wooden Wedding 
32.Venus In Ozone Heights Ballet 
34.Statue Returns 
36.Vive La Difference 
37.Who Am I? 
38.Love in a Mist 
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