The Mothman Prophecies

Colosseum 22/01/2002 CD (4005939808723)
Lakeshore Records 22/01/2002 CD (780163369427)


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
Original Songs
1.Half Light (single)Low with tomandandy4:23
2.Wake Up #37King Black Acid5:38
3.HauntedKing Black Acid5:03
4.One and OnlyKing Black Acid1:59
5.CollageGlen Branca1:06
6.Great SpacesKing Black Acid5:19
7.Rolling UnderKing Black Acid5:27
8.Half LifeKing Black Acid4:14
9.Soul Systems BurnKing Black Acid5:35
10.Half Light (tail credit)Low with tomandandy6:46
# Pista   Duración
Original Score
1.Movement 1: Composed of 12 Members/ Retrace/ A New Home/ MRI/ Welcome To Point Pleasant8:04
2.Movement 2: Point Pleasant/ Seeing Strange Things/ It's A Voice And It's Saying, Do Not Be Afraid/ He's Wrong/ Denver 97:32
3.Movement 3: I Had A Dream Like That/ Not From Human Vocal Chords/Zone Of Fear/ Ring Ring/ Leek/ Leek Wouldn't See Me9:54
4.Movement 4: All At Once, I Understand, Everything/ Do You Know That Woman?/ The Tape Reveals/ We Are Not Allowed To Know7:34
5.Movement 5: It's How I Ended Up Here/ Airport/ I Have To Go4:26
6.Movement 6: We Have Dinner At 6, and We Open Presents at 8/ 12:00 Call3:50
7.Movement 7: The Bridge8:21
8.Movement 8: Mirror Drone/ John's Theme/ Cellos9:40
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