Le Salaire de la peur
(Digital) The Wages of Fear

Milan Records 29/03/2024 Descarga
Película Estreno de película: 2024


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# Pista   Duración
1.Chasing Clara2:40
3.In the Heart of Mess2:33
4.Vision of the Safe1:14
5.Brawl at Sidi's1:47
6.Morning in the Township0:37
7.Riot in Jail1:55
8.A Little Late to Regret3:34
9.Oil Company Headquarters0:50
10.Outlining the Mission1:52
11.Helicopter Attack0:59
12.Introducing the Trucks1:09
13.Preparing the Mission2:28
14.The Mission Starts4:16
15.Solar Power Plant in the Desert1:06
16.Loading the Nitroglycerin3:40
17.Driving Through the Desert1:18
18.Ambush in the Desert3:29
19.Djibril Is Dead2:08
21.Tears of Rage2:54
22.The Minefield2:52
23.Solo Sniper2:07
24.Fragile Man2:34
25.Separate Roads1:27
26.Obstacles in the Way2:20
27.Please Stay With Me2:30
28.The Last Race3:22
29.Arrival at the Burning Well2:54
30.Saving my Family1:37
31.The Wages of Fear1:19
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