Renegade Nell

Hollywood Records 29/03/2024 Descarga
Serie de TV/Telefilme Estreno de película: 2024


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Nell's Theme2:27
3.Thomas At Broadwater1:56
4.Billy Blind1:50
5.Did You Kill The Wrong Person?1:18
6.Poynton's Secret3:32
7.He Waits, By The Riverside Oli Julian & Nick Foster feat. Kate Stables2:13
8.On The Bridge2:40
10.The Funeral2:08
11.The Fantasia Of Lady Eularia3:04
12.Stand And Deliver2:25
13.Tottenham 17051:40
14.Exploding Apples2:28
15.In-Depth Conversations1:41
16.Meeting Lord Blanchford1:11
17.People Like You2:59
19.A Carriage Ride In Potter's Bar2:18
20.Cuckoo's Bread2:12
21.Sofia's Confession3:46
22.Sofia Takes The Reins1:30
23.Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind1:28
24.Sofia Maleficent2:10
25.Smelly Not Jelly1:35
26.Rasselas & Sofia2:39
27.Where's Joseph?0:42
28.The Queen's Shilling0:38
29.In The Gaol3:17
30.Start Running4:46
31.The Passion Of Polly Honeycombe3:11
32.The Reluctant Highwaywoman1:17
33.The Truth Matters1:49
34.Eularia Bids Farewell3:00
35.The Trotters1:02
36.Broadwater It Is1:22
37.You Could Do It2:29
38.Two Annes2:34
39.The Battle Begins1:31
40.Fighting Poynton2:25
41.How To Help Thomas2:13
42.The Final Battle2:33
43.The Ballad Of Renegade Nell Oli Julian & Nick Foster feat. Nick Cave2:31
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