The Munsters

Back Lot Music 23/09/2022 Descarga
Película Estreno de película: 2022


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Disco Vampire2:04
2.I Got A Million Of ThemJeff Daniel Phillips2:05
4.I Got You BabeSheri Moon Zombie & Jeff Daniel Phillips3:31
5.It’s ZomboRob Zombie & Sheri Moon Zombie1:18
7.El VampiroRob Zombie2:16
8.Gateman, Goodbury and GravesRob Zombie0:41
9.They Are The MunstersRob Zombie2:20
10.Welcome To Transylvania1:53
11.The Count Rises2:06
12.Lily / Toccata and Fugue In D Minor0:39
13.The Boneyard Cafe2:52
14.Do You Like Rats?0:07
15.Lester And Zoya / Nice Neighborhood2:19
16.What Do I Look Like A Moron?0:07
17.Floop And The Shecky Brain1:16
18.Lily Dreams Of Herman1:33
19.Uranus God Of The Sky0:10
20.Dr. Wolfgang And The Creation Of Herman4:59
21.Good Morning Transylvania0:16
22.Breakfast Time1:07
23.Oh My God He Is Gorgeous0:14
24.Child Of Electricity2:02
25.For Some Strange Reason0:06
26.Farewell Comrades1:14
27.Hermie's Got A Date4:05
28.Lily Thinks I'm A Swinger0:11
29.Herman At The Castle1:57
30.A Simple Country Boy2:14
31.I'm Just A Regular Gal0:05
32.Cemetery Stroll / Devils Island2:39
33.Husband Spell1:35
34.Dancing Monkey1:30
35.Lily's Coffin1:15
36.The Wedding2:52
37.What A Fun Town0:21
39.A Complete Numbskull1:45
40.There's Only One Thing Left To Do1:14
41.Lord Grimsby0:13
42.Bottoms Up1:42
43.Transylvania Flight 6662:39
44.The Last Shirley Temple1:02
45.150 Is The New 1000:11
46.Mockingbird Heights0:47
47.Now What?1:15
48.And The Winner Is...1:42
49.Halloween Boogie0:31
50.I Really Like That Mr. Gateman0:12
51.What A Crummy Day2:11
52.Knock'em Dead0:09
53.It's A Freakshow1:47
54.I Think We've Been Invaded0:12
55.I'm Rich1:13
56.The Munsters Opening Theme0:33
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