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Battlestar Galactica - Volume 3

TV-Serie / TV-Film | Veröffentlichungsdatum: 03/09/2012 | Format: CD
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# Spur   Dauer
1.Exploration / Main Title1:45
2.Episode Titles0:45
The Long Patrol
3.Double Parked2:03
4.Stolen Viper1:22
5.Viper Stolen1:51
6.Starbuck In Prison0:44
7.Cassiopeia And Athena1:05
8.Deserted Town0:52
9.The Limping Man1:21
10.Grandpa Adama1:39
11.The Map1:00
The Lost Warrior
12.Apollo “A” OK0:55
13.The Boxey Con1:05
14.Same Old Story1:28
15.The Hunt1:23
16.Time Running Out2:16
17.Bootes To Boot Hill1:42
19.Shoot Out2:31
20.No More Killing1:16
The Magnificent Warriors
21.The Courting1:35
22.Here Come The Borays2:13
23.Trapped Again0:59
24.Time To Eat/Belloby Kidnapped2:32
25.The Boray Camp/Into The Cave4:38
26.Starbuck’s Plan1:11
The Young Lords
27.Into The Swamp2:43
28.Attack By The Children0:56
29.Fanfare And Theme0:49
30.Launch The Raft1:59
31.The Attack Rhyme2:01
32.Starbuck And Miri/Well Done2:13
34.End Titles0:30
The Last Warrior
35.Source: Saloon3:15
The Magnificent Warriors
36.Source: A Smoking Band0:42
37.Source: Three Sided Pyramid1:25
38.Source: Starbuck's Luck2:01
39.Source: Hospitality Muzak2:10
# Spur   Dauer
1.Exploration / Main Title1:49
2.Episode Titles0:46
Murder On The Rising Star
3.No Fighting1:17
4.Sudden Draw/The Victim/Cassiopeia Waits/Grim Starbuck1:19
5.Laser Test/A Match1:55
6.Starbuck Gets Help/Not Guilty2:58
8.Starbuck's Mistake/Change of Heart0:49
9.Questioning Baltar0:59
10.Night Of The Cylons/Cella Reacts1:46
11.Apollo’s Plan/Stowaway1:56
12.Baltar - The Skeptic0:51
13.Cassiopeia - The Witness/The Villain1:18
14.Karibdis Overcome1:36
Take the Celestra
16.Ceremonial Fanfares1:42
The Hand of God
17.The Dome1:05
18.Strange Signal1:37
19.Boomer Embarassed0:28
20.From The Past0:44
21.Cylon Base Ship Rising1:29
22.Tired of Running1:43
23.A Great Plan/An Agreement1:29
24.Some Deal/A Share of Loneliness/More Casi And Starbuck2:40
25.Good Luck1:04
26.They’re Gone1:02
28.Man Your Vipers1:11
29.In The Lair Of The Cylons2:45
30.Here They Come1:28
31.There She Is1:13
32.We Did It!0:53
34.The Dome II/The Eagle Has Landed1:29
35.Main Title - Galactica: 19801:19
The Return of Starbuck
36.I Had a Dream1:13
37.Starbuck And Boomer1:19
38.Starbuck Lives0:46
39.Trek/Perhaps To Sleep2:53
40.Shelter/I’m Sorry1:12
41.In Search Of Woman1:37
42.Taking Care Of Angela/Starbuck’s Planet1:40
43.Spiritual Son1:02
44.Ship Building2:06
45.Three Humans1:46
46.Cy Leaves1:11
47.Goodbye Angela0:52
48.Friend Cy0:50
49.Sermon on the Mount/Zee, Son of Angela1:26
50.End Titles0:36
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Volume 3 of original soundtrack series for ambitious 1978-1979 TV show with Lorne Greene, composed & conducted by Stu Phillips. Third volume examines everything Phillips recorded from seven episodes spread across 2-CDs plus his score for GALACTICA 1980: THE RETURN OF STARBUCK. As with volume two, scores are presented from Universal vault masters featuring combination of stereo, multiple mono and mono tracks, all skillfully melded into solid listening experience by Mike Matessino. Highlights are many but action rhythms of 'The Young Lords', fascinating colors of 'The Hand Of God' are standouts. John Takis offers more fascinating details about music and production, Joe Sikoryak provides more colorful graphics. Recorded at Universal Studios Scoring Stage. Stu Phillips conducts.

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