The Legend of Silkboy

Film | Veröffentlichungsdatum: 03/08/2010 | Format: CD, Herunterladen

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# Spur   Dauer
1.Soaring Over Old London1:49
2.Xu Rongcun's London Escapade1:41
3.The Filthington Family March1:56
4.The Queen's Presentation1:13
5.Filthington's Forced Exit1:38
6.Tammy and Silkboy2:55
7.The Clash of the Robot Gladiators2:36
8.The Deceitful Entreaties of Filthington2:29
9.Tammy's Bad Day1:42
10.What's Wrong with Following My Dreams?3:53
11.Sneaking In3:33
12.Sucked into the Magical Painting1:41
13.Rough Landing/Meeting Lucky and Anya2:39
14.Spores on the Wind!3:36
15.Round 'Em Up and Move 'Em Out!/Filthington's Conjuring Mishap2:56
16.Arrival at the Enchanted Forest3:01
17.Filthington's Lament1:09
18.Over the Hill, Across the Desert and Into the Sandstorm2:05
19.Bubble Flight Over The Great Tree/Meeting the Ginseng King1:49
20.The Ginseng Slammatocious Vibe3:17
21.The Epic Battle for the Talismans2:47
22.The Goddess Revealed2:40
23.Return to Shanghai/Grandfather's Great Escape2:50
25.The Fantastic Highway Chase: Part I3:43
26.The Fantastic Highway Chase: Part II2:01
27.The Flying Bus/The Jaws of Doom1:45
28.A Flower Done Wrong/Arriving at Destination1:50
29.Freeing the Goddess1:13
30.Filthington's Bluff/The Goddess Departs1:35
31.Saying Farewell1:38
32.All Is Well that End's Well... Almost!1:42
33.''One Boy's Dream''2:32
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