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# Spur Künstler/Komponist Dauer
1.Le FestinCamille2:51
2.Welcome to Gusteau's0:38
3.This Is Me1:42
4.Granny Get Your Gun2:02
5.100 Rat Dash1:48
6.Wall Rat2:41
7.Cast Of Cooks1:41
8.A Real Gourmet Kitchen4:19
9.Souped Up0:51
10.Is It Soup Yet?1:17
11.A New Deal1:57
12.Remy Drives A Linguini2:27
13.Colette Showes Him Le Ropes2:57
14.Special Order1:59
15.Kiss & Vinegar1:54
16.Losing Control2:02
17.Heist To See You1:46
18.The Paper Chase1:44
19.Remy's Revenge3:24
20.Abandoning Ship2:56
21.Dinner Rush5:00
22.Anyone Can Cook3:14
23.End Creditoulles9:17
24.Ratatouille Main Theme2:09
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