Original Broadway Cast 1961

Musical | Veröffentlichungsdatum: 08/06/1989 | Format: CD, Herunterladen

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# Spur Künstler/Komponist Dauer
1.Opening "Carnival"Orchestra1:39
2.Direct from ViennaHenry Lascoe & Kaye Ballard2:00
3.A Very Nice ManAnna Maria Alberghetti2:04
4.I've Got to Find a ReasonJerry Orbach1:45
5.MiraAnna Maria Alberghetti3:05
6.A Sword and a Rose and a CapeJames Mitchell, George Marcy, Tony Gomez, Johnny Nola & Buff Shurr2:12
7.HummingKaye Ballard & Henry Lascoe4:01
8.Yes, My HeartAnna Maria Alberghetti, George Marcy, Tony Gomez, Johnny Nola & Buff Shurr2:54
9.Everybody Likes YouJerry Orbach2:18
10.Love Makes the World Go 'RoundAnna Maria Alberghetti, Jerry Orbach & Pierre Olaf1:51
11.Yum TickyAnna Maria Alberghetti, Jerry Orbach & Pierre Olaf0:50
12.The RichAnna Maria Alberghetti, Jerry Orbach & Pierre Olaf1:18
13.Beautiful CandyAnna Maria Alberghetti, Jerry Orbach & Pierre Olaf2:37
14.Her FaceJerry Orbach2:12
15.Grand Imperial Cirque de ParisPierre Olaf2:22
16.I Hate HimAnna Maria Alberghetti1:35
17.Her Face (Reprise)Jerry Orbach & Anna Maria Alberghetti1:15
18.Always, Always YouJames Mitchell & Kaye Ballard1:25
19.Always, Always You (Reprise)Kaye Ballard1:59
20.She's My LoveJerry Orbach2:35
21.Finale "Carnival"Jerry Orbach1:06
22.A Very Nice Man3:16
24.Yes, My Heart3:37
25.Love Makes the World Go 'Round1:26
26.I Hate Him1:33
27.Mira (Can You Imagine That?)J.J. Johnson3:21
28.Magic, MagicPaul Smith1:27
29.Love Makes the World Go 'RoundRichard Chamberlain1:39
30.Her FaceMel Tormé2:44
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MGM motion picture Lili already seemed like a musical, even though the film contained only two songs, most notably 'Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo.' Perfect, then, to translate the film to the Broadway stage, which is exactly what Michael Stewart (Hello, Dolly) and composer-lyricist Bob Merrill (lyricist for Funny Girl and countless pop tunes, including 'How Much Is That Doggie in the Window') did in 1961, winning the N.Y. Critics Circle Award for their efforts. Anna Marie Alberghetti made her Broadway debut in the Lili role (which had been Leslie Caron's film debut), with Jerry Orbach taking over for Mel Ferrer as the lame puppeteer, and Kaye Ballard in Zsa Zsa Gabor's role as the magician's mistress. Of course, the musical needed its own 'Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo'-- and that came in the form of 'Love Makes the World Go Round.' Nothing else in this sweet score matches that classic, although Carnival does remain an old-fashioned charmer. The CD release includes previously unreleased tracks, including numbers performed by Merrill himself, as well as covers by Mel Torme and Richard Chamberlain.

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