St. Agatha

Talking Book Records 26/05/2023 Herunterladen
Film Filmfreigabe: 2018

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# Spur   Dauer
1.Your Name Is Agatha0:22
2.Intro Theme3:00
3.Mother Superiors Welcome2:59
4.Clumsy People Have Clumsy Accidents2:15
5.You Will Be Our Postulant1:45
6.I Already Miss You1:02
8.A Pretty Pretium2:08
9.Mary Saw Something1:45
10.Your Agatha4:22
11.Your Pregnant2:53
12.Who Are You?1:27
13.Escape Through the Woods1:08
14.The Soup Kitchen0:50
15.Mother Superiors Bedroom1:46
16.We Have a Problem1:08
17.Leave Me Alone2:26
18.Taka Taka Tar0:58
19.Keep Your Tongue from Wagging3:29
20.You Did This1:41
21.Midnight Breakout0:43
22.Omnus Auri1:56
23.The Battle and Birth3:52
24.I'm Not Running a Charity2:48
25.Umbilical Strangulation1:02
26.Mary? William!5:19
27.Thank You Sister Susan1:23
28.Teaming with Rats and Snakes1:49
29.Your Son Is Alive2:20
30.Let Me Out of Here!2:07
31.Mata Tibi Mala1:43
32.Discovering the Coffin2:25
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