The 13 Lords Of The Shogun, Vol. 3
Kamakuradono no 13-nin

Sony Music 17/11/2022 CD
Sony Music Labels 09/11/2022 Herunterladen
TV-Serie / TV-Film Filmfreigabe: 2022

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# Spur Künstler/Komponist Dauer
1.And So He Became Regent3:09
2.The Future Master of the Hojo2:15
3.All Roads Must Come to an End2:45
4.Chain of Sorrow2:26
5.Ama Shogun3:36
6.To Stand Against a God2:31
7.The Third Lord of Kamakura2:48
8.Fate Calls for the Bando3:08
9.Schemes of the Brilliant2:24
10.Flames of Vindication2:58
11.The Path of the Assassin2:28
12.As the Flowers Fall Before Us2:54
13.The Divine Will of the World2:31
14.The Ones We Leave Behind2:41
15.The Weight of Kamakura2:26
16.A God Among Men2:08
17.Even A Dog Will Eat Its Friend2:09
18.The Man I Used to Be2:11
19.Iridescent Nightmares2:02
20.In Death May We Find Pride3:11
21.Heart of the Assassin2:40
22.To My Father2:28
23.Three Friends of Winter2:52
24.Yasutoki Rising2:25
25.Requiem Under the Plum Covered Eaves3:23
26.For All I Love in Kamakura5:30
27.THE 13 LORDS OF THE SHOGUN-Travel Journal 3Evan Call feat. Masami Takeuchi & tea1:36
28.THE 13 LORDS OF THE SHOGUN-Travel Journal 4Evan Call feat. Istvan Kohan1:33
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