Alien Invasion: Space and Beyond II

Silva America (0738572108328)
Silva Screen Records (5014929019024)
Película | Fecha de estreno: 23/02/1998 | Medio: CD, Descarga


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Mars Attacks: Introduction & Main Title Danny Elfman4:02
The Day the Earth Stood Still Suite
2.Outer Space Bernard Herrmann1:46
3.Radar Bernard Herrmann2:36
4.Farewell & Finale Bernard Herrmann1:18
5.Dune - Suite Toto8:42
6.Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Klingon Attack Jerry Goldsmith5:38
7.Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - One Last Visit Dennis McCarthy3:10
8.Star Trek VIII: First Contact - End Title Suite jerry Goldsmith5:10
When Worlds Collide Suite
9.Main Title / Foreword / Doomsday Drawing Leith Stevens2:32
10.The takeoff Leith Stevens1:51
11.The New World Leith Stevens4:04
12.Battle Beyond the Stars - Theme James Horner4:04
The Thing from Another World Suite
13.Main Title Dimitri Tiomkin2:05
14.The Melting Sequence Dimitri Tiomkin1:39
15.The Thing Electrocuted Dimitri Tiomkin3:50
16.Twilight Zone: The Movie - End Title Suite Jerry Goldsmith (ft. theme by Maurius Constant)6:29
Battestar Galactica Suite
17.Prologue Stu Philips2:52
18.Main Title Glen A. LArson & Stu philips1:38
19.The Destruction of the Peace Stu Philips3:36
20.A Chnce to Live / Exodus One Glen A. larson & Stu Philips3:01
21.Stargate - Giza 1928 / Going Home David Arnold4:46
# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Forbidden Planet - Prelude Louis & Bebe Barron3:15
2.Space 1999: Mars, The Bringer of War Hustav Holst8:07
3.Contact - End Title Alan Silvestri8:48
Starship Troopers
4.Bugs! Basil Poledouris2:07
5.Fed Net March / Klendathu Drop Basil Poledouris5:03
6.Predator - Theme Alan Silvestri4:07
War of the Worlds Suite
7.Main Title & Introduction Leith Stevens4:54
8.Martian Man Dies Leith Stevens2:41
9.Evacuation & Finale Leith Stevens3:00
10.Star wars The Empire Strikes back - The Imperial March John Williams3:13
11.Invaders from Mars - End Title Christopher Young3:44
12.Space: Above & Beyond - Suite Shirley Walker7:32
13.V - Theme Joe Harnell1:50
14.Starman - End Title (Symphonic Version) Jack Nitzsche4:44
15.Independence Day - End title Suite David Arnould9:01
Bonus Track
16.The Thing from Another World - The Ting Lives! Dimitri Tiomkin2:12
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