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1908 Music Publishing 16/06/2022 下载
电影 电影发行: 2022




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Collision (Introduction)1:26
2.Collision (Opening Titles)1:48
3.Our Mother, Pt. 10:45
4.Our Mother, Pt. 22:19
5.The Riot3:20
6.Call the Police Now1:17
7.Welcome to the Brothel1:08
8.The Truck Is Ready0:41
9.It Worries Me1:42
10.They Must Go Back1:24
11.The Way You Look at Me1:03
12.Stealing the Blue Car1:07
13.I'm Just So Tired1:04
14.I Made It for Real1:00
15.Open This Door1:47
16.You Have a Beautiful Family0:49
17.New CFO0:43
18.I Don't Need Her Help1:27
19.Going Back Home0:29
20.Where the Hell Is Our Daughter0:38
22.Hi Brasol0:44
23.The Accident0:52
24.The Confrontation1:04
25.Collision (The End)1:48


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