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Hacks: Season 1

Lakeshore Records 17/06/2022 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Deb's Theme0:58
2.Ava's Theme0:52
3.Unhoused Residents-Ava's Theme1:09
4.Young Deb When She Was Happy2:04
5.Deb's Disco0:59
6.Marcus And Wilson1:02
7.An Evening Routine-Deb's Theme0:48
8.Unhoused Residents-Alternate1:18
9.Ava's Theme-Keyboard0:51
10.Young Deb When She Was Happy-Piano1:24
11.Skip The Tasting1:18
12.One Last Time-Deb's Final Stand Up2:27
13.Deb Lightens Mood0:43


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