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Lakeshore Records 10/06/2022 下载
电影 电影发行: 2017




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.I'm a Woman Now1:24
2.Statistically, Creep0:54
3.Don't Mess With My Tapes4:01
4.A Disability Such As Not Having Hands2:42
5.Forty Two Dollars1:00
6.I Hope The Truth Finds You Well1:14
7.Big Shop2:00
9.An American Girlfriend0:19
10.Scars Are Sexy1:14
11.We Just Don't Know Each Other Very Well1:35
12.Not Too Early, Not Too Late1:21
13.More or Less The Way They Were1:26
14.The Loneliest Shape0:58
15.El Sobrino De Mi Novio0:50
16.Stupid Lies from Stupid People-The Same Place in the End1:34
17.Don't Tell My Mom0:38
18."For Like, Other Reasons"1:52
19.You Don't Even Look Like Your Brother1:08
20.Sneaky Perv Skills1:02
21.You're Just a Boy2:10
22.I Won't Play It for Anyone0:46
23.I Mean Myrcella's Room1:17
24.His Small Brother Wyrm1:32
25.Every Boy That Smiles at Me1:09
26.Wyrm's World1:37


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