Bourne Identity
Varèse Sarabande Club - VCL 0622-1226 Tumescent Edition (CD)

Varèse Sarabande Club 20/05/2022 CD - 1500 副本 (888072412774)
电影 电影发行: 2002




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.The Bourne Identity Main Titles4:23
2.The Bourne Identity Original Opening4:25
3.Bourne At Sea1:25
4.Bourne On Land1:45
5.Bourne On Land (With Bassoon)1:41
6.Bourne On Land (Alternate Version)1:55
8.At The Bank4:10
9.Escape From Embassy / Parking Garage5:09
11.Marie On Monitor2:01
12.Marie Drives / Bourne Sleeps2:14
13.Marie Drives / Bourne Sleeps (Alternate Version)2:01
14.JMK Is Dead1:48
15.Assassin Fight / Bourne Almost Leaves4:30
16.Wombosi At Morgue1:50
17.Love Scene1:33
18.Love Scene (Alternate Version)1:38
19.Hotel Regina2:17
20.The Investigation1:44
21.The Investigation (Alternate Version)1:30
22.Wombosi Dead2:30
23.Taxi / Pins3:48
24.Conklin And Abbot Argue1:00
25.Bourne Watches Kids Sleep1:33
26.Bourne Watches Kids Sleep (Alternate Version)1:54
27.Get In The Basement2:58
28.Bourne Phones3:08
29.Pont Neuf3:46
30.Conklin Killed1:34
31.Got Any ID?1:32


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