Bernard Herrmann's Movie Themes - Cover Versions

Augustin C 06/05/2022 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.The Peephole (From "Psycho") (Orchestral Cover Version)2:30
2.Vertigo Suite: I. Prelude (From "Vertigo") (Orchestral Cover Version)2:54
3.Temptation (From "Psycho") (Orchestral Cover Version)1:53
4.Prelude (from "Psycho") (Orchestral Cover Version)2:03
5.The Package (From "Psycho") (Orchestral Cover Version)1:46
6.The Madhouse (From "Psycho") (Orchestral Cover Version)1:50
7.The Murder (From "Psycho") (Orchestral Cover Version)1:20
8.Patrol Car (From "Psycho") (Orchestral Cover Version)1:31
9.The Parlor (From "Psycho") (Orchestral Cover Version)1:16
10.The City (From "Psycho") (Orchestral Cover Version)1:16
11.The Rainstorm (from "Psycho") (Orchestral Cover Version)3:13
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Bernard Herrmann's Movie Themes - Cover Versions - 09/10 - 评论 François Claver, 提交于 (法国)
It's usually difficult for a musician to re-arrange the work of composers like Bernard Herrmann.
Augustin C makes it amazingly well in this release 'Bernard Herrmann's Movie Themes'
The contemporary arrangements (I heard some celestas, glockenspiels, a symphonic orchestra with taiko drums) upgrade this old nice soundtracks pieces from Herrmann to a more modern sound

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