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# 跟踪   持续时间
3.R.J.T.D. (From "R.J.T.D.")3:14
4.El Calor De Los Celos (From "Winter Forest")1:37
5.1:31AM (From "1:31AM")3:37
6.In Control (Complete Score)6:38
7.Night Falls Apart (From "1:31AM")0:39
8.Awakening (From "Survivor")2:10
9.I Quit (From "Survivor")0:45
10.Truly Alone (From "Survivor")0:28
11.Headache (From "Survivor")1:35
12.All I Have (From "Survivor")1:13
13.I Will Survive (From "Survivor")1:22
14.We Need to Talk (From "Survivor")0:16
15.Headache Again (From "Survivor")1:35
16.All I Have Now (From "Survivor")1:13
17.I Quit Again (From "Survivor")0:45
18.Truly Alone Again (From "Survivor")0:30
19.I Know Already (From "R.J.T.D.")2:11
20.Forget All About (From "At Long Last")1:06
21.Wake Up (From "At Long Last")1:18
22.What Did You Do (From "At Long Last")2:24
23.Just Stop (From "1:31AM")1:05
24.Intro (From “SF Olympics”)0:11
25.Fanfare (From “SF Olympics”)0:18
26.Contestants (From “SF Olympics”)1:07
27.Can't Do That (From “SF Olympics”)0:34
28.Results (From “SF Olympics”)1:20
29.Over the Edge (From "Winter Forest")1:33
30.Little Grim (From "Winter Forest")2:21
31.I'm Scott Jovell (From “Scott Jovell Project”)1:09
32.That's My Life (From “Scott Jovell Project”)1:01
33.That's Not Your Fault (From “Scott Jovell Project”)2:01
34.Would You Respond? (From “Scott Jovell Project”)0:14
35.He's Got to Know (From “Scott Jovell Project”)0:40
36.Petty Stuff (From “Scott Jovell Project”)1:04
37.Now You're Talking to Me? (From “Scott Jovell Project”)2:30
38.Known Types (From “Scott Jovell Project”)2:02
39.Girl's Code (From “Scott Jovell Project”)2:45
40.Look at Her (From “Scott Jovell Project”)0:34
41.Only Took You 20 Years (From “Scott Jovell Project”)0:28
42.She Likes You (From “Scott Jovell Project”)0:08
43.We All Make Mistakes (From “Scott Jovell Project”)1:57
44.One Step at a Time (From “Scott Jovell Project”)0:43
45.Leaving the Game (Trailer Score)1:39
46.There's Still Scars (From "Winter Forest")2:02
47.Still Friends (From "Winter Forest")0:49


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