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The Vortex Voices

Records DK 09/01/2022 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Be As One1:56
2.Call Me Father1:25
3.Love's Death3:09
4.Giving Love2:05
5.Boppin' Bobby2:02
6.Praise The Vortex2:22
7.Jonah The Revelator0:24
8.Madman In Mexico4:10
9.The Apple Tree4:03
10.Set Them Free2:24
11.Release The Pain2:28
12.Praise The Vortex (Live At The Commune)2:24
13.Test of Faith2:30
14.Getting In Deep2:13
15.The Sleeping Dead2:12
16.A Perfect End1:54


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