9/11: Inside The President's War Room

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记录 电影发行: 2021




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Come On Stretch7:18
2.Should Be An Easy Day5:35
3.Find A Television2:12
4.Get Ready7:12
5.Just Stay Quiet2:44
6.Tension In The Air3:41
7.Happening In Real Time3:12
8.The First Thing I Said4:46
9.Infect The Decision6:02
10.We Better Get Out Of The Way5:46
11.All Those Who Will Be Missed3:44
12.Go Some Place Else3:03
13.The Greatest Feeling Ever3:11
14.Just In Case5:33
15.My Children's Future4:25
16.Shadow State3:49
17.The Inner Sanctum3:36
18.What Else Should We Know?3:42
19.We've Cancelled Exercises3:38
20.A Recurring Joke3:53
21.He's On The Other One2:53
22.Nothing's The Same4:43
23.The Bush Doctrine4:03
24.The Longest Three Days3:49
25.Midst Of The City2:25
26.In Memoriam3:04


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