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Blue Velvet
The Deluxe Edition 2CD set

Varèse Sarabande Club 19/11/2021 CD - 3000 副本 (888072265400)
电影 电影发行: 1986




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Main Titles (From the Motion Picture Blue Velvet)1:25
2.Night Streets / Sandy and Jeffrey3:37
4.Jeffrey’s Dark Side1:49
5.Mysteries of Love (French Horn solo)2:10
6.Frank Returns4:38
7.Mysteries of Love (Instrumental)4:18
8.Blue Velvet / Blue Star Montage1:49
9.Lumberton U.S.A. / Going Down to Lincoln Sound Effects Suite2:12
10.Akron Meets the Blues2:41
11.Blue Velvet performed by Bobby Vinton2:50
12.Honky Tonk Part I performed by Bill Doggett3:11
13.In Dreams performed by Roy Orbison2:49
14.Love Letters performed by Ketty Lester2:44
15.Mysteries of Love performed by Julee Cruise4:24
# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Alcron Meets the Blues1:04
2.Lumberton U.S.A. Radio Ad0:16
4.Ribbon Scissor0:20
5.Going Down to Lincoln1:41
6.Organs and Sirens (take 2)1:11
7.Sandy and Jeffery0:25
8.Dorothy Alone0:19
9.Mount Frank’s Eruption aka Frank (Film version without Clarinet)3:36
10.Sloe Club Boys0:25
11.High Gentle Memories1:02
12.Stalking Out0:22
13.Yellow Man1:03
14.Sandy and Jeffrey 20:47
15.Ominously Yours II0:54
16.Ominously Yours IV0:41
17.Organ (Version 3) / Mysteries of Love4:11
18.Organ Toots and Sirens1:17
19.Cue 61A1:13
20.Cue 050:54
21.Cue 090:55
22.Cue 09A0:29
23.Cue 131:38
24.Cue 160:24
25.Cue 21 & 240:46
26.Cue 271:54
27.Cue 360:34
28.Cue 461:14
29.Cue 480:47
30.Cue 501:04
31.Cue 561:21
32.Cue 65 PT0:51
33.Cue D0:56
34.Cue 65 (Version 2)3:06
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