Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

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# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Century 21 Television Logo 
2.Captain Scarlet Main Titles (The Mysterons Version) 
3.The Mysterons The Power of the Mysterons 
4.The Mysterons Red vs Blue 
5.Winged Assassin An Officer and a General 
6.Winged Assassin The Mysteron Threat (Version 1) 
7.Winged Assassin Runway Runaway 
8.Point 783 The Oncoming Storm 
9.Big Ben Strikes Again Midnight Runner 
10.Big Ben Strikes Again Atomic Annihilation 
11.Big Ben Strikes Again The 13th Hour 
12.Avalanche Chills, Thrills and Spills 
13.Model Spy Serenade de Monte Carlo 
14.Seek and Destroy Walking With Angels 
15.Operation Time The End of Time 
16.White As Snow TVR-17 Pop 
17.White As Snow Insubordination 
18.White As Snow End Credits (Original Version) 
19.Captain Scarlet Main Titles (Standard Version) 
20.Spectrum Strikes Back Espionage on the Plains 
21.Spectrum Strikes Back The Mysteron Threat (Version 2) 
22.Spectrum Strikes Back Indigo Fever 
23.Spectrum Strikes Back Bringing the House Down 
24.The Trap Trouble at Glen Garry Castle 
25.Shadow of Fear Of Gods and Men 
26.Shadow of Fear Wrath of Phobos 
27.Fire At Rig 15 Fallen Hero 
28.Renegade Rocket Major Disaster 
29.Renegade Rocket A Wing and a Prayer 
30.Noose of Ice The Tower Crumbles 
31.Flight to Atlantica Champagne Buzz 
32.Expo 2068 Nuclear Detour 
33.Attack on Cloudbase 40,000 Feet To Heaven 
34.Attack on Cloudbase Faint and Empty Hope 
35.Captain Scarlet (The Spectrum Version) 


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