The Last of the Mohicans

Blue Ridge Mountain Music 2006 CD (3418119922006)
电影 电影发行: 1992




# 跟踪   持续时间
2.Prologue & Main Title2:02
3.Elk Hunt1:50
4.Cameron's Cabin0:57
5.Cabin Dinner1:04
6.Call To Arms0:20
7.At Play In The Meadow4:29
8.Arrival In Albany (Film Version)1:01
9.Heyward's Objection0:31
10.Cora And Duncan In The Garden/Alice Appears2:31
11.The March Begins0:27
12.Search For Trails1:05
13.The Ambush2:24
14.Climbing The Rapids1:19
15.Hawkeye's Attitude1:08
16.Burned Out Cabin/The Cameron Family Is Dead3:56
17.The Retreat1:02
18.Hawkeye's Story2:34
19.Fort Battle4:21
20.Heyward Explains0:38
21.Change Of Plans/Montcalm's Night Camp3:15
22.Hawkeye And Cora Approaching1:01
23.The Courier (Film Version)1:05
24.Sedition Quarrel1:17
25.Cora's Final Answer0:54
26.Agreement To Leave0:42
27.The Kiss2:48
28.Hawkeye Marched Off0:50
29.Cora Is Furious/The Stockade2:31
30.A Reminder0:36
31.Facing Companies0:23
32.Terms For Surrender/Magua's Story (Film Version)3:51
33.Leaving The Fort1:01
34.The Massacre/Canoe Escape6:52
35.Waterfall Hug1:09
36.Survival Solution/Captured In The Cave3:15
37.I Will Find You (Film Version)5:13
38.Hawkeye Enters The Gathering0:57
39.Speeches To The Chieftain2:06
40.Final Confrontation (Film Version)7:53
# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Top Of The Mountain2:45
2.End Credits4:27
3.Morgan Creek Logo0:19
4.Arrival In Albany (Alternate)2:01
5.The Courier (Alternate)2:28
6.Terms For Surrender/Magua's Story (Alternate)3:47
7.Final Confrontation (Alternate)4:14
8.20th Century Fox Logo0:23
9.Main Title1:50
10.Elk Hunt1:48
11.Arrival In Albany1:22
12.Cora And Duncan In The Garden3:19
13.The Ambush2:35
14.Hawkeye's Story3:13
15.Fort Battle4:16
16.The Courier2:27
17.The Kiss2:45
18.The Stockade2:44
19.The Massacre/Canoe Escape6:52
20.Ascent And Pursuit3:03
21.Final Confrontation5:37
22.Top Of The Mountain3:00
23.Warner Bros. Logo0:15
24.Main Title2:33
25.The Kiss3:03
26.Fort Battle3:04
27.Top Of The Mountain3:33
28.I Will Find You (Altarnate)3:59
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