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The Green Knight

Milan Records 30/07/2021 下载
电影 电影发行: 2021




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1.In Stori Stif And Stronge 
2.Christ Is Born Indeed 
3.You Do Smell Like You've Been At Mass All Night 
4.Tell Me A Tale Of Yourself, So That I Might Know Thee 
5.Shaped By Your Hands 
6.Greatest Of Kings 
7.Remember It Is Only A Game 
8.One Year Hence 
9.I Promise You Will Not Come To Harm 
10.Child Thou Ert A Pilgrim 
11.Rest Them Bones My Brave Little Knight 
12.A Meeting With St. Winifred 
13.Your Head Is On Your Neck, My Lady 
14.Are You Real, Or Are You A Spirit? 
15.I Will Strike Thee Down With Every Care That I Have For Thee 
16.Aiganz O Kulzphazur (feat. Emma Tring) 
17.The Giant's Call 
18.Brave Sir Gawain Come To Face The Green Knight 
19.Should Not A Knight Offer A Lady A Kiss In Thanks? 
20.Hold Very Still 
21.Do You Believe In Witchcraft? 
22.You Are No Knight 
23.I Never Asked For Your Help Anyway 
24.Gawain Runs And Runs (feat. Bobak Lotfipour and Katinka Vindelev) 
25.Blome Swete Lilie Flour 
27.Nyghtegale (feat. Atheena Frizzell) 
28.Now I'm Ready, I'm Ready Now 
29.Be Merry, Swete Lorde (feat. Katinka Vindelev) 


其他版本 The Green Knight (2021):

Green Knight, The (2021)

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