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电影 电影发行: 1990




# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.Main Title (From The Motion Picture “Tremors”)Ernest Troost1:55
2.Drive To Rhonda / Into PerfectionErnest Troost2:25
3.Rhonda With GraboidErnest Troost1:12
4.On The RoadErnest Troost1:41
5.Finding EdgarErnest Troost1:09
6.Fred DiesErnest Troost0:49
7.Finding FredErnest Troost2:52
8.The Snake ThingErnest Troost1:11
9.Graboid RevealedErnest Troost0:59
10.Best HorsemanErnest Troost0:54
11.Horses StopErnest Troost1:58
12.Three MoreErnest Troost1:07
13.Rock And NightErnest Troost1:33
14.Pole VaultingErnest Troost1:12
15.Graboid Attacks Rhonda / The SplitErnest Troost1:55
16.Barbed WireErnest Troost2:10
17.Love ThemeErnest Troost0:30
18.Chang DiesErnest Troost1:37
19.Uzi 4UErnest Troost2:49
20.Rec RoomErnest Troost2:05
21.All Cheer / Hey GuysErnest Troost1:31
22.NestorErnest Troost1:17
23.Miguel's PlanErnest Troost1:13
24.TractorErnest Troost1:34
25.Don't MoveErnest Troost2:55
26.The Dozer RescueErnest Troost4:10
27.Run For The RocksErnest Troost2:50
28.Goin’ Fishin’ / Graboid GutsErnest Troost2:55
29.Away From Rock / Final ConfrontationErnest Troost2:44
30.Feel Like Making Noise / Val And RhondaErnest Troost2:12
31.Main Title (From The Motion Picture “Tremors”) (Alternate Version)Ernest Troost3:40
32.The Snake Thing (Alternate Version)Ernest Troost0:47
33.Pole Vaulting (Alternate Version)Ernest Troost2:03
34.Don't Move (Alternate Mix)Ernest Troost2:14
35.Val And Rhonda (Alternate Version)Ernest Troost1:01
# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.Fred DiesRobert Folk1:05
2.Horses StopRobert Folk1:05
3.Graboid RevealedRobert Folk0:52
4.Barbed Wire Part IRobert Folk0:40
5.Barbed Wire Part IIRobert Folk1:28
6.Chang DiesRobert Folk1:40
7.Rec RoomRobert Folk0:55
8.TractorRobert Folk1:04
9.Graboids After ValRobert Folk2:38
10.Val Drives DozerRobert Folk0:31
11.Dozer CrashesRobert Folk1:38
12.Run For The RocksRobert Folk1:27
13.Away From RockRobert Folk1:25
14.Final ConfrontationRobert Folk1:44
15.Tremors StingersRobert Folk1:29


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