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Brave Fencer Musashi, The Themes

8-Bit Arcade 05/03/2021 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Demon of Darkness 2 (2nd Lumina Battle) (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")4:24
2.Fast Strong Current (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")3:18
3.Grillin' Village (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")3:33
4.Hell's Valley (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")3:18
5.Hidden Temple (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")3:40
6.Hilda's Grocery (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")1:30
7.Inn Music (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")2:00
8.Let's Go Bowling (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")2:23
9.Musashi Legend (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")4:31
10.My Name Is Ben (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")2:14
11.Natural Cave (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")1:11
12.Nighttime (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")5:53
13.Outside Thirstquencher Base (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")2:20
14.Relic Keeper (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")4:08
15.Running Away (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")0:56
16.The Grillin' Mines (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")3:10
17.The Journey Begins (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")2:57
18.The Only Friend (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")3:26
19.The Vambees (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")3:16
20.Thirstquencher Fortress (Demonic Fountain) (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")2:23
21.Topo's Groove Heaven (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")2:46
22.Twinpeak Mountain (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")3:14
23.Underground Lake (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")1:39
24.Victory! (From "Brave Fencer Musashi")0:8


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