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Once Upon A Time In The West
London Starlight Orchestra

Bomerang Records 09/02/2021 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Chi Mai3:30
2.A Fistful Of Dollars1:49
3.La Libertad1:55
4.Once Upon A Time In The West3:59
5.The Man With The Harmonica3:24
6.For A Few Dollars More2:44
7.My Name Is Nobody3:05
8.Cockeye's Song4:12
9.Here's To You3:06
10.Poem Of a Woman3:16
11.Moses Theme2:43
12.The Adventurer3:42
13.Le Train3:07
14.Orient Expres4:09
15.A Gun For Ringo2:20
16.Bye Bye Coronel2:04
17.Good Luck Jack6:06
18.A Fistful Of Dynamite4:40
19.The Secret4:02


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