To Olivia

Decca Records 19/02/2021 下载
电影 电影发行: 2021




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.To Olivia3:10
2.Gus, The Giant And The Peach3:13
3.An Everlasting Gobstopper And A Shivery Smile3:43
4.The Film Star And The Fairy Tribute1:14
5.Only Trying To Be Nice1:41
6.You’re An Idiot1:09
7.A Message For The Kids1:21
8.An Emergency Like Now2:29
9.Not Allowed To Say Her Name2:49
10.Everybody Hold Hands1:48
11.Gone For A Walk2:52
12.You Fix Things, Roald4:03
13.Sorry A Second Time5:18
14.Twisted In A Good Way2:16
15.People Always Say That At The End3:19
16.We All Become Stories1:36
17.Rough On Everybody3:51
18.And The Oscar Goes To…3:28


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