Wind Dog: Dog of the Wind

Full Color Sound Records 12/01/2021 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Wind Dog (Main Theme)2:40
2.I'd Like to Tell You a Story3:18
3.She's Lost in a Windy Woods1:01
4.Oh Joy0:30
5.Through the Village0:38
6.Wind Dog, Dog of the Wind0:36
7.Oh, Doggone It!0:54
8.A Dog of the Wind2:20
9.Oh, Wind Dog1:23
10.Blasted Hound!0:46
11.The Kids Call Wind Dog1:14
12.A Dog's Love1:12
13.Piano Reflections (Upon the Wind)2:23
14.Windy Melodies1:36
15.Wind Dog (Reprise)1:09
16.Oh, Wind Dog (Reprise)1:04
17.I'll Miss You Wind Dog0:36
18.A Dog in the Wind3:00


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