Earwig and the Witch

Studio Ghibli 06/01/2021 下载
电影 电影发行: 2021




# 跟踪   持续时间
2.A Ghost Party1:12
3.A Severed Head and the Martians1:29
4.It's Up to You0:59
5.Do My Bidding2:30
6.A Strange Pair1:23
7.A Dirty Work1:20
8.Witch's Job1:39
9.Exploring at Night-I'm Totally Stuck1:50
10.Work Myself to the Bone1:21
11.Talking to Myself0:49
12.Don't Disturb Me (Radio Cassette Player Version)3:58
13.Late-Night Shift1:17
14.A Shepherd's Pie0:45
15.I Won't Give Up Easily0:58
16.Brewing Rage1:41
17.The Counterattack in an Invigorating Morning1:14
18.Strike Back Against a Counterattack0:52
19.The Best Ideas Come at the Worst Times1:03
20.Don't Disturb Me3:43
21.Memories are Always Beautiful1:08
22.Got Them to Do My Bidding1:42
23.The World is in My Hands3:54


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