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All My Life
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Back Lot Music 04/12/2020 下载




# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.All My Life Main Title2:05
2.Bad Idea for a First Date1:48
3.Farmers Market Tango1:24
4.Move in with Me2:11
5.Sol Proposes1:17
6.Sol Gets Sick1:24
7.Sol Surgery1:23
8.The Bad News1:23
9.Walk to Chemo1:53
10.Telling Sol and Jenn the Plan1:24
11.Sol and Jenn Fight2:52
12.Morning of The Wedding2:19
13.Lock and Step1:23
14.Playing in the Fountain2:06
15.Cat Scan / Questions to Ask Sol / Sol Convalescing3:50
16.Read It to Me1:24
17.Sol’s Eulogy2:01
18.Sol’s Message1:23
19.Love SongKeala Settle4:22
20.Hit Me With Your Best ShotKeala Settle3:02
21.Just For You and I2:26


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