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Best Kept Secrets 2

The Hubsters 11/12/2020 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Mare Buio Main Theme 
2.Waltz (from "Zhu Yu's Train") 
3.2046 Main Theme 
4.5m36 (from "Incendiary") 
5.La Saison De Vent (from "Floating Landscape") 
6.M-4 / Theme 98 (from "Daisy") 
7.Main Theme Of Shoujyo (An Adolescent) 
8.Polonaise (from "2046") 
9.Vendetta March (from "Tears For Sale") 
10.AYA Gondora (from "Absurdistan") 
11.Postman (from "Floating Landscape") 
12.The Rainy Streets Of Kyoto 
13.Zhou Yu (from "Zhou Yu's Train") 
14.Motorcycle~Location (from "Floating Landscape") 
15.Daisy Main Theme 
16.Je Suis Une Fleure 
17.Mare Buio Ending Theme 
18.The Eastern Han Dynasty (from "The Assassins") 
19.Dreamland Main Theme 


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