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Viking Women And The Sea Serpent

Kronos Records 2021 CD - 300 副本




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.AIF Emblem0:14
2. Main TItle2:23
3. They Throw The Spears2:18
4.They Build and Launch The Boat2:29
5.The Sea At Night1:10
6.The Shark2:57
7.Into The Vortex1:51
8.The Capture3:30
9.Papa Grimlet Meets The Girls1:00
10. The Hunt2:07
11.The Bacchanal1:40
12. The Contest1:16
13.Doug Fairbanks The Second1:02
14.In The Cave1:26
15.The Escape1:26
16.The Fight On The Hill1:02
17. The Dark One4:03
18.The Burning At The Stake3:04
19.Lightning Strikes0:35
20.The Burial Pit1:37
21.The Escape2:46
22. Into The Water2:08
23.End Title0:47


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