Amazing Stories: Anthology One




# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.Amazing Storie Main Title John Williams1:02
2.Ohpa's Arrival John Williams0:30
3.Greeting Ohpa John Williams1:17
4.Ohpa's Tales John Williams3:44
5.Ohpa Remembers John Williams2:25
6.The Ticket John Williams3:05
7.The Train Arrives John Williams4:17
8.The Battle / Jobe Runs James Horner3:01
9.Travis Dies James Horner0:51
10.First Chase James Horner3:43
11.Antique Shop James Horner2:16
12.The Boy / The Gnome Bruce Broughton4:34
13.1938 Radio Source Bruce Broughton1:42
14.Jonathan's Room / The Car Bruce Broughton0:48
15.Nothin' But A Bum / 1955 / Tumbleweed Connection Bruce Broughton2:50
16.Regrets Bruce Broughton1:27
17.1985 Bruce Broughton0:51
18.Gas Station Source Bruce Broughton2:58
19.Holy Moly! / Sow Ye Wild Oats Bruce Broughton3:06
20.Doll Shop Sign Georges Delerue1:08
21.Toy Carousel / Doll On Floor / Well, Miss... Georges Delerue3:12
22.A School Teacher Georges Delerue0:46
23.An Occasional Model Georges Delerue0:36
24.She's Not Married / An O.S. Clunk / Door Opens Georges Delerue1:54
25.John Walks To Mantle Georges Delerue2:17
26.Falsworth / Strangling / Retrospect William Goldenberg3:30
27.Leering / Frigity-Feet William Goldenberg0:30
28.Top Floor / Lights William Goldenberg0:53
29.All In The Fingers / Lunge William Goldenberg3:07
30.Falsworth (E.T.) William Goldenberg0:36
# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.Amazing Stories Bumper #1 John Williams0:04
2.Alan's Dream David Shire1:20
3.It's Not The Same / Discovering The Room David Shire1:37
4.My God! David Shire2:40
5.Tonight / That's Alturis David Shire2:30
6.Your Ring David Shire2:14
7.Departure David Shire2:01
8.Finale David Shire0:57
9.Park (1946) Georges Delerue1:44
10.Only Eight / Forest Walk Georges Delerue2:30
11.Sorry Policeman / Not By George Alone Georges Delerue2:33
12.George In Doorway / Diana's Story Georges Delerue2:20
13.George Will Be Georges Delerue3:22
14.Mummy Movie / Baby Chase / Gas Station Danny Elfman & Steve Bartek3:21
15.Country Source Danny Elfman & Steve Bartek0:26
16.Gun Shot / Stinger / Swamp / Old Man / Real Mummy Danny Elfman & Steve Bartek3:35
17.Kung-Fu Mummy Danny Elfman & Steve Bartek1:00
18.Motorcycle / Caught Danny Elfman & Steve Bartek1:23
19.Lynching / Horse Ride Danny Elfman & Steve Bartek1:05
20.Corridors / Caught Again Danny Elfman & Steve Bartek0:27
21.Baby / Finale Danny Elfman & Steve Bartek1:30
22.It's Lovely / Whoa, Rock, Whoa / I Hurt Vanessa Lennie Niehaus1:47
23.Beautiful Portrait / Humming From The Garden Lennie Niehaus4:09
24.Vanessa's Laughter / A Summer's Day / Do It Together / Create A Life Lennie Niehaus4:07
25.Vanessa (Piano With Orchestra Coda) Lennie Niehaus3:19
26.Harry Wakes Up Bruce Broughton2:00
27.Harry Takes A Shower / Horror Movie / Kate Bruce Broughton1:57
28.Fraternity Of The Undead / Bad Milk Bruce Broughton1:41
29.Harry & Kate Bruce Broughton0:39
30.Harry's Prayer / The Comet Theatre / Harry At The Movies Bruce Broughton7:24
31.Back Home Bruce Broughton2:13
32.Amazing Stories End Credits John Williams0:29
33.Amblin Logo John Williams0:15


2-CD first volume of original soundtracks from legendary Steven Spielberg presentation featuring top drawer roster of directors (Eastwood, Scorsese, Zemeckis, Dante, others) plus Spielberg himself. Equally prestigious composer lineup includes John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Danny Elfman, Bruce Broughton, Michael Kamen, Alan Silvestri, Thomas Newman, Georges Delerue, Leonard Rosenman, John Addison, David Shire, many others.

Highlights on initial set include rhapsodic and complex 'Ghost Train' (Williams), exciting and flavorful 'Alamo Jobe' (Horner), intense and powerful 'Welcome to My Nightmare' (Broughton), quirky and outlandish 'Mummy, Daddy' (Elfman). Intrada series offers complete scores presented in magnificent stereo from state-of-the-art master elements, presents fully-indexed tracks within lengthy suites featuring every original cue by respective composer. Comprehensive Intrada series also offers rousing John Williams main titles, bumpers & logos plus alternates. Colorful booklet includes liner notes by TV expert Jon Burlingame with full episode details, background on Spielberg production, recording dates, more. Lavish presentation made possible through Herculean efforts of Universal, Amblin Entertainment, American Federation of Musicians and Intrada. The greatest single assemblage of composers in TV history. More volumes on the way, too!

收藏的原声带: Limited Editions

Flight from Ashiya (2009)
Amerika (2004)
SwitchBack (2000)
Images (2007)
Comfort of Strangers, The (2014)
Re-Animator (2003)
Knack...and How to Get it, The (2011)
Squanto: A Warrior's Tale (2011)
Mona Lisa / Castaway (2013)
Private Fears in Public Places (2008)

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