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Final Fantasy VII Remake Plus

Square Enix Music 08/01/2021 CD (4988601468268)




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Bombing Mission-Infiltration 
2.Anxiety-False Memories 
3.Black Feather 
4.First Contact 
5.The Whispers Attack 
6.An Omen 
7.RUN RUN RUN-Instrumental Ver. 
8.RUN RUN RUN-Mellow Ver. 
10.Flying Over the Undercity 
11.Hurry!-Time's Up 
13.Heidegger's Frustration 
14.I'm Sick of All of This 
15.Trapped Like Rats 
16.Let the Battles Begin!-A Merc's Job 
17.Mako Reactor 5 
18.Eyes of a SOLDIER 
19.The Airbuster 
20.Fall to the Slums 
21.Fleeing the Church 
22.Respite in the Rafters 
23.Under the Rotting Pizza-Battle Edit 
24.Rude Arrives 
25.Anxiety-Sector 5 Undercity 
26.Aerith's House 
27.Those Days are Gone 
28.Man in the Black Robe 
29.Elmyra's Request 
# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.The Turks: Rude 
2.Bitter Memory 
3.The First Guy I Ever Loved 
4.Girl in the Chocobo Carriage 
5.Standard Course 
6.Poor Man's Course 
7.Muscular Mettle-Fanfare 
8.Muscular Mettle-Game Over 
9.Colosseum-Game Over- 
10.Rock That Dress, Aerith 
11.Cheer Up, Aerith 
12.Corneo's Mansion-Light-Headed 
13.Corneo's Mansion-Reunited 
14.Thinking the Worst 
15.Our Pack Chocobo 
16.Escaping the Sewers 
17.The Target: Sector 7 
18.Ghoulish Symphony 
19.The Turks: Plate Separation 
20.Strength Through Suffering 
21.Aerith's Theme-Memories 
22.Elmyra's Reservations 
23.Tifa's Tears 
24.Every Moment Matters 
25.They'll All Be Fine 
26.Hole in the Sky 
27.Underground Facility-Rescuing Wedge 
28.Infinity's End 
29.The Shinra I Know 
30.A Weighty Decision 
31.Hurry!-Thieving Shoat 
32.Leslie's Theme-One Day... 
# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Leslie and Corneo 
2.Sector 7 in Ruins 
3.Fallen Plate 
4.Run, Dammit, Run 
5.The Valkyrie 
6.Emergency Stairwell 
7.Memorial Museum 
8.Reeve's Plight 
9.The Great Destroyer 
10.Encounter with the Dead 
11.Mayor Domino 
12.Shinra Combat Simulator 
13.Shinra Combat Simulator-Fanfare 
14.Shinra Combat Simulator-Game Over 
15.Words Left Unheard 
16.Meeting of the Board 
17.The Pursuit-Man in the Lab Coat 
18.Hojo's Laboratory 
19.Specimen H0512 
20.Running the Gauntlet-Saving Aerith 
21.Red XIII's Theme-Nothing More 
22.Jenova Calls 
23.Aerith's Theme-The Cetra 
# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Avalanche's Theme-Wedge's Struggle 
2.Cultivating Darkness 
3.Confronting Jenova 
4.Hojo Observes 
5.Decision and Action 
7.A Death Not Ordained by Fate 
8.The Black Tattoo 
9.The Vice President Arrives 
10.Rufus Shinra 
11.Goodbye, Wedg 
12.You Asked for It 
13.The Arsenal 
14.Escape from the Shinra Building 
15.Whorl of Whispers 
16.Midgar Expressway-Long Ver. 
17.Before the Storm 
18.Those Chosen by the Planet-Destiny Comes 
19.Changing Fate 
20.Rufus's Ascension 
21.Ending-Out of Destiny's Reach 


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