The Haunting Of Hill House
Waxwork Records ‎– WW066 Red Door Marble Vinyl

Waxwork Records 01/12/2020 乙烯基 - 限量版




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Side A
1.The Haunting Of Hill House (Main Titles) 
2.Come Home 
3.Larks and Katydids 
4.Darkness and Chaos 
5.That Night 
6.Take Her Down 
7.Whatever Walked There, Walked Alone 
8.Hill House 
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Side B
1.Go Tomorrow 
2.Science Vs. Religion 
3.What Did You Really See 
4.The Red Room 
5.Missing Things 
6.I Believe You 
7.12:00 a.m. 
8.In the Shadow of Ghosts 
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Side C
1.I Want To Wake Up So Badly 
3.Approaching The House 
4.Haunted Past 
5.You Remember 
6.Feel Nothing 
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Side D
1.Beginning Of The End Movement I 
2.Beginning Of The End Movement II (Tea Party) 
3.Beginning Of The End Movement III 
4.Beginning Of The End Movement IV 
5.The End 


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