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Aces: Iron Eagle III

Intrada (720258702227)
电影 | 发布: 1991 | 电影发行: 1992 | 格式: CD




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.The Aces Theme1:53
2.Escape From Peru4:36
3.Chappy's Surprise2:39
4.Trouble In Brownsville1:53
5.Chappy Survives1:47
6.Anna's Theme2:03
7.The Aces Agree1:35
8.Hirokoshi Confesses1:41
9.Anna In Action5:38
10.Aces In Action3:13
11.Getting The Message0:32
12.Too Much Seasoning3:12
13.Action In The Andes4:21
14.Tee-Vee Does The Right Thing2:43
15.The Messerschimdt 263 / Hero In A Zero1:29
16.Chappy Saves The Day3:34
17.Kleiss Is Diced1:16
18.Final Credits4:47


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