The Film Music of André Previn

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# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Suite 2 (From The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse) (1962)4:19
2.Suite 1 (From Two For The Seesaw)5:41
3.Ring Around The Rosy–Overture (From Invitation To The Dance) (1956)2:05
4.Suite (From Elmer Gantry) (1960)5:00
5.Main Title (From The Outriders) (1950)1:12
6.I Don't Twist (From Goodbye Charlie) (1964)3:29
7.Suite 1 (From The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse) (1962)5:58
8.Main Title (From Bad Day at Black Rock) (1954)3:18
9.Main & End Title (From Kim) (1950)1:53
10.Suite 3 (From Two For The Seesaw)5:14
11.Suite 2 (From Dead Ringer) (1964)3:45
12.Main Title / Meet Irma (From Irma la Douce) (1963)3:53
13.Suite 1 (From The Subterraneans) (1960)5:05
14.Suite 1 (From Dead Ringer) (1964)4:47
15.Suite 2 (From The Subterraneans) (1960)5:31
16.Main Title (From Designing Woman) (1957)1:18
17.Main Title (From The Catered Affair) (1956)1:54
18.Main Theme (From Border Incident) (1949)1:25
19.Kathie's Theme (From All in a Night's Work) (1961)5:29
20.Main Title (From Cause For Alarm!) (1951)1:05
21.Mother's House (From Goodbye Charlie) (1964)5:39
22.Suite 2 (From Two For The Seesaw)4:44
23.Main Title (From Scene of the Crime) (1949)1:27


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