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Dark Light
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Notefornote Music 19/06/2020 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Hide and Seethe3:17
2.Dark Light1:34
3.Back Home1:19
4.Scratching in the Walls3:48
5.A Night Game of Tag2:25
6.Something in the Fields2:49
7.Who’s Out There4:36
8.Body by the River1:06
9.Prison Transfer4:35
10.Back for Answers2:17
11.Clean and Mean1:28
12.Tempermental Toychest1:55
13.No Trespassing2:38
14.Walter Finds Them1:58
15.Searching the House2:50
16.Paul Finds the Creature1:54
17.Annie Gets Attacked1:34
18.The Sheriff Believes1:38
19.Preparing to Go Under the House1:46
20.Facing the Dark Light8:52


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